Child and Adolescent Counselling

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There might be many reasons why children and young people could benefit from the support of counselling sessions.

Young people can feel confused and anxious when things go wrong in their lives or families. It is difficult for children to understand the adult world that they live in and they often feel helpless, frustrated and responsible. They can sometimes blame themselves, believing problems are caused by something they have done wrong. For some children and young people, the world can therefore feel an uncertain place.

Children who have experienced loss through bereavement or family breakdown can often be helped to manage their loss through therapy. For some children and adolescents it can simply be the pressures of moving towards adulthood which causes them difficulties.

Anxiety and worry can affect a child’s emotional well-being and impact on a young person’s self-esteem, confidence with their peers, and the ability to learn and concentrate at school. We know through research that low self- esteem can lead to a young person struggling academically and socially as they lose faith in themselves.

Often children and young people find it difficult to articulate their worries and concerns. Various resources, including sand, games and a range of art materials can be used in the work as a medium to express and communicate their thoughts and feelings in a helpful way. Once children and young people have established a method of communicating how they feel, it can help them begin to make sense of the world and move forward.

We have listed below some of the emotional issues we have experience in and have worked with;

Family difficulties including conflict, separation and step-family issues
Bereavement, loss and trauma
Anxiety and stress
Low self-esteem and confidence issues
Eating problems
Alcohol and substance misuse
Academic pressure and achievement at school
Peer pressure

Counselling offers children and young people a safe and confidential space where they can explore the difficulties they may be experiencing and work towards building their confidence. Counselling can be of enormous help in enabling them to let go of symptoms and behaviours and continue with healthy growth and development.