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Haywards Heath Counselling Centre is an established and trusted practice of qualified and highly experienced Counsellors.  We work with adults, couples, children and adolescents and we welcome people here from all backgrounds.  We are all members of the BACP and we work according to their code of ethics.
Haywards Heath Counselling Centre - therapists December 2019Counselling is an established and respected way of beginning to tackle problems.   This could be a problem in a relationship, a feeling of anxiety, of depression or any other difficulty that leaves us feeling stuck and unhappy.  These difficulties can be talked through and explored with an experienced Counsellor in a safe, confidential and secure setting.
We have particular experience here in working with anxiety, depression and relationship difficulties.  One or more of these are common to us all.  We may have had to keep these difficulties to ourselves but we are simply not designed to struggle with them alone.   It can sometimes feel uncomfortable to talk with friends and family as they may be emotionally invested in some way and so talking to an experienced professional can be enormously beneficial and often quite a relief.
Below is listed a few of the more widely-experienced issues that we work with but there are many others that between us, we have worked with over the years.
Anxiety and Stress
Relationship Issues
Loss and Bereavement
Low Self-Esteem
Family Issues
You will find more detailed information on various topics throughout our website, so do take time to look through the sections you feel may be appropriate for you.
As a practice we are committed to being accessible to all our clients and we have a downstairs consulting room which offers full disabled access.