Although everyone has anxiety at some times in their life many people find that these feelings of fear, and worry come along when they are not expecting them. It is for example quite normal to have some feelings of anxiety when starting a new job, having to speak in public, sitting an exam etc but some people find that they have these sort of anxious feelings as a result of everyday problems. In fact some people find themselves spending time worrying about things that seem most unlikely to happen to them or even worrying about the fact that they are worrying.

Anxiety can be seen as a feeling of restlessness and many people suffering from anxiety start to withdraw from forms of social contact, not speaking to friends or family and taking time off work. There are often physical symptoms of anxiety including heart palpitations, insomnia, excessive sweating, dry mouth, trembling or nausea.

Understanding Anxiety audio file

Managing Anxiety audio file



To help calm your emotions and slow your breathing we have produced a guided relaxation audio file. Like the other files on this page please feel free to download this and save it to your laptop, smartphone, iPod, iPad or similar device. This way you can listen to the audio file when you need to help calm your anxiety.


There have been a number of studies showing how counselling can be an extremely effective treatment for anxiety and depression  and if you would like to speak to one of our counsellors to see if we can help you please contact us.